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Opinions of the Solicitor of the Department of the Interior Relating to Indian Affairs 1917-1974

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NATIONAL INDIAN INSTITUTE 06/21/1954 Navajo-Hopi Rehabilitation Act -- Proposed Constitution for Navajo Tribe
05/30/1945 Appointments to National Indian Institute 08/02/1954 Lands Purchased by Navajo Tribe -- Right of Canoncito Navajo Group
NAVAJO 06/23/1955 Occupancy Rights on Navajo Tribal Land Granted to Presbyterian Church by Government -- Discussion of Treaty and Subsequent Congressional Act
07/16/1937 Proposed Revision of Regulations for Government Certification of Genuineness of Navajo All-Wool Fabrics -- Discussion NAVIGABLE WATERS
02/12/1941 Creation of the Hopi Unit Within the Boundaries of the Navajo Reservation 05/14/1928 M-24358,  Navigable Waters -- Exclusion -- Quileute Reservation
05/01/1941 Federal and State Laws -- Tribal Enterprises on Navajo Reservation 06/15/1937 Umatilla -- Hunting and Fishing
02/19/1943 M-32071, 58 I.D. 531,  Bureau of Mines -- Construction -- Navajo Indian Reservation 12/29/1945 M-34326,  Indian Rights in Columbia River Reservoir
06/11/1946 M-33821,  Ownership of the Mineral Estate in the Hopi Executive Order Reservation 05/27/1960 Spokane Indian Hunting, Fishing and Boating Rights in the Lake Roosevelt Indian Zone


OIL AND GAS See also LEASING 06/02/1926 M-19190,  Certificate of Competency -- Osage
09/06/1934 National Industrial Recovery Act -- Authority of Oil Administrator on Indian Lands 06/07/1926 M-19225,  Certificate of Competency -- Osage
03/21/1940 Permit to Prospect for Oil and Gas on Tribal and Allotted Lands 12/21/1926 M-18320,  State Tax on Allotments -- Osage
02/18/1947 M-34572,  Status of Operation Agreement -- Denver Producing and Refining Company -- Indian Reservation 03/26/1927 M-21642,  Validity of Mortgage -- Claims
02/11/1955 M-36267,  Fee Patents -- Fort Peck 06/19/1928 M-24293,  Osage Property -- Inheritance
08/13/1956 M-36360,  Rights to Oil and Gas Underlying an Allotment -- Fort Peck 03/25/1929 52 L.D. 591,  Allowances of Claims Against the Estate of an Enrolled Member of the Osage Tribe
      Royalties 05/04/1929 M-25107,  Osage Restricted Funds
01/04/1922 M-4017 (Supp.),  Osage -- Royalty Payments to Incompetents 10/14/1931 M-26731,  Osage Funds -- Federal Supervision
08/15/1922 M-8370,  Oil and Gas Royalties -- Assignment 11/28/1931 53 I.D. 564,  Taxability of Homestead Allotments of Members of the Osage tribe
11/08/1924 M-13807,  Oil Royalties From Allotted Lands 11/30/1932 M-27228, 54 I.D. 105,  Taxability of Allotments -- Osage
11/11/1924 M-31861,  Five Civilized Tribes -- Oil Royalties 08/25/1933 Osage Allotments -- Secretarial Authority in Approval of Wills
10/17/1927 M-23422,  Seminole -- Oil and Mineral Royalties 12/08/1933 M-27636, 54 I.D. 341,  Home Owners' Loan Bonds for Osage
07/20/1931 M-26583, 53 I.D. 412,  Distribution of Royalties -- Deceased Creek 08/06/1934 M-27788,  Osage -- Attorney's Fee
09/22/1931 M-26672, 53 I.D. 502,  Taxation of Mineral Production -- Five Tribes 09/06/1934 National Industrial Recovery Act -- Authority of Oil Administrator on Indian Lands
02/26/1932 53 I.D. 606,  Taxation of Income From Mineral Production From Restricted Lands of Members of Five Civilized Tribes 10/03/1934 Osage -- Grant of Right-of-Way Through Trust Lands
04/30/1935 M-27902,  Royalty Payment on Gasoline -- Osage Reservation 11/14/1934 Osage -- Exchange of Stock
08/10/1936 M-28184,  Osage Oil Lease 11/28/1934 M-27833,  Disbursement of Osage Funds
06/03/1938 Shoshone Reservation -- Renewal of Oil Leases 04/30/1935 M-27902,  Royalty Payment on Gasoline -- Osage Reservation
09/20/1943 M-32093,  Liability of Indian Tribes for State Taxes Imposed on Royalty Received From Oil and Gas Leases on Unallotted Land 12/17/1935 Osage -- Jurisdiction -- Crimes and Misdemeanors
10/29/1954 M-36246,  State Taxation of Tribal Royalty Interests in Oil and Gas Leases on Blackfeet Indian Reservation 04/23/1936 M-28029,  Disposition of Osage Trust Funds
OKLAHOMA INDIAN WELFARE ACT 08/10/1936 M-28184,  Osage Oil Lease
07/31/1936 Oklahoma Indians -- Loans -- Wheeler-Howard Act 09/25/1936 Osage -- Administrator's Fee
10/14/1936 Credit Operations Under the Oklahoma Welfare Act 01/04/1937 M-28811, 56 I.D. 48,  Osage Tax Exemption
07/14/1937 Oklahoma Loans -- White Spouse 01/26/1937 M-27963,  Deceased Osage Allottee -- Inheritance
07/21/1937 Credit Association Charters Under Oklahoma Welfare Act -- Powers 09/12/1939 M-29867,  Taxation of Restricted Lands -- Interpretation of 49 Stat. 1542, as Amended by 50 Stat. 188
07/29/1937 Keetowah -- Organization as Band 11/29/1939 Osage -- Discretionary Power of Secretary in Will Approval
04/22/1938 Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act -- Cooperative Associations 04/12/1940 Osage -- Taxability of Lands -- Federal Statutes
05/24/1938 Loans -- Preference -- Degree of Indian Blood 04/24/1940 M-30655,  Service in Indian Corporation by Indian Office Employee
12/13/1938 Oklahoma -- Recognized Tribes 12/16/1940 Osage -- Taxation of Partitioned Restricted Lands -- Conveyance of Title and Intervening Legislative Action
11/30/1939 Oklahoma -- Taxation of Excess Restricted Lands -- Applicability of OIWA in Acceptance of Deeded Land 01/24/1941 M-30604,  Proceeds From Investment of Restricted Funds -- Individual Entitlement
10/01/1941 Five Civilized Tribes -- Status of Freedmen -- Organization Under Oklahoma Welfare Act 04/11/1941 Question of Departmental Approval of Osage Partition Proceedings and Other Litigation Regarding Attorney's Compensation
10/09/1941 M-31417,  Oklahoma Welfare Act -- Application to Indians Within Osage County 10/09/1941 M-31417,  Oklahoma Welfare Act -- Application to Indians Within Osage County
08/24/1942 M-30582,  Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act -- Laws Governing Condemnation and Rights-of-Way Over Lands of Five Civilized Tribes 06/04/1942 Authority of the Superintendent of the Osage Agency to Make Distribution of Osage Property in Accordance With Orders of the County Courts of Oklahoma
01/11/1945 M-33510,  Status of Allotted Lands of Tribes Organized Under Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act 08/25/1942 M-31576,  Lands Purchased With Unrestricted Funds of Osage Indians -- Trust Character After Devise
11/21/1952 M-36155,  Proposed Amendments to the Charter and the Constitution and Bylaws -- Caddo Indian Tribe 06/17/1943 M-33165,  Restriction Against Alienation of Allotted Osage Indian Land
OKLAHOMA TRIBES See also FIVE CIVILIZED TRIBES 09/20/1943 Whether White Widow of One-Half Kaw Mother May Inherit Estate of Osage of Less Than One-Half Osage-Blood But More Than One-Half Indian Blood
03/10/1922 M-7002,  Kiowa, Comanche -- Patented Allotments 12/04/1943 Trespass -- Determination if Willful -- Removal -- Tribal Interests
08/15/1922 M-8370,  Oil and Gas Royalties -- Assignment 04/05/1944 M-33597,  Statutory Construction -- Osage Indians -- Decedent's Estate
07/24/1935 Shawnee Land Purchases 05/24/1944 Authority of Secretary to Approve Limestone Mining Leases on Osage Indian Reservation
06/30/1938 Allotment -- Right-of-Way 07/18/1944 Osage of Less Than One-Half Blood -- White Wife and Kaw Mother -- Rights of Inheritance
12/13/1938 Oklahoma -- Recognized Tribes 08/31/1944 M-33717,  Delegation of Authority of Secretary -- Approval of Applications of Osage Allottees for Payment of Individual Funds
11/30/1939 Oklahoma -- Taxation of Excess Restricted Lands -- Applicability of OIWA in Acceptance of Deeded Land 09/06/1945 M-33564,  Osage Headrights -- Non-Resident Decedent -- Ancillary Administration
01/06/1940 Eastern Oklahoma -- Applicability of Federal and State Liquor Laws 06/04/1946 Restrictions -- Undivided Interest -- Osage County, Oklahoma
04/02/1947 M-34899,  Applicability of Oklahoma Community Property Act to Restricted Indian Property 05/26/1953 M-36166,  Will Approval -- Undue Influence -- Osage
      Delaware 12/06/1954 Federal Estate Tax Exemption of Osage Allottee
03/18/1936 Delaware -- Appropriation for 05/02/1955 Osage Oil and Gas Leases -- Anticipated Damages Compensation
      Kaw 11/09/1956 M-36381, 63 I.D. 374,  Status of Osage Oil and Gas Leases After Termination of Period When Minerals are Reserved to Tribe
05/14/1935 M-27996,  Bed of Arkansas River -- Title       Pawnee
      Kiowa, Comanche & Apache 07/23/1935 Leasehold Agreement -- Waiver of Delinquencies in Payment of Advance Royalties and Rentals -- Pawnee Estate
03/10/1922 M-7002,  Kiowa, Comanche -- Patented Allotments 11/02/1936 Pawnee -- Back Annuities
08/28/1934 Kiowa -- Sale of Land by Minor 07/21/1937 Credit Association Charters Under Oklahoma Welfare Act -- Powers
10/09/1940 M-30984,  Kiowa Indian Hospital -- Alcohol for Medicinal Purposes -- Power of Oklahoma to Require Permit       Quapaw
12/17/1956 M-36387,  Status of Lands Reserved for School, Agency and Cemetery Purposes on Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Reservation in Oklahoma 12/04/1923 M-11108,  Quapaw -- Mining Lease
01/15/1960 M-36510, 67 I.D. 10,  State of Title to Lands Reserved for School and Agency Purpose on the Former Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Indian Reservation, Western Oklahoma 10/08/1924 M-12746,  Quapaw -- Federal Income Tax
      Modoc 12/23/1924 M-13772,  Quapaw Tribe -- Heirship
05/09/1928 M-24284,  Modoc -- Rights of Descendants 10/06/1927 M-23117,  Reimbursement of Appropriation
      Osage 08/21/1929 M-25280,  Quapaw -- Mining Leases
06/04/1921 M-4017,  Osage -- Payments to Guardians of Minors and Incompetent Adults 08/21/1934 Quapaw -- Mineral Lease
01/04/1922 M-4017 (Supp.),  Osage Royalty Payments to Incompetents 07/21/1938 Quapaw -- Mining Leases -- Type of Surety
09/30/1922 Osage -- Restricted Property -- Rights 03/11/1946 Oklahoma Community Property Act -- Interpretation Re Filing Federal Income Tax Returns
03/16/1926 M-18423,  Osage -- Certificate of Competency
PATENTS, LAND See also FEE PATENTS, TRUST PATENTS 08/12/1942 M-30851,  Volstead Act of 1908 -- State Liens for Drainage Charges on Public and Indian Ceded Lands in Minnesota
07/14/1921 M-5379,  Fee Title -- Expiration of Trust Period 11/21/1942 M-31653,  Disposition of Proceeds Obtained From Administration of Ceded Indian Lands Under the Taylor Grazing Act
01/28/1924 M-11410,  Flathead -- Power Site on Allotted Land 01/29/1946 M-34056,  Rights of Indians to Allotments on Public Lands
11/21/1924 M-13866, 50 L.D. 676,  Extent of Title to Lands Patented as Mission Claims 08/13/1948 M-35064,  Administration, Lease and Sale of Choctaw and Chickasaw Coal and Asphalt
12/28/1926 M-20612,  Sioux Benefits 08/16/1949 M-36012,  Use of Coastal Waters Contiguous to Indian Reservation in Alaska
10/17/1927 M-23422,  Seminole -- Oil and Mineral Royalties 09/05/1950 M-36049,  Whether Natchez Trace Parkway Comes Under the Definition of "National Park" or "National Monument"
02/24/1928 M-22708, 52 L.D. 325,  Erroneously Issued Fee Patents -- Cancellation 12/07/1950 M-36051,  Oil and Gas Leases on Uintah Lands
08/14/1934 Wheeler-Howard Act -- Fee Patent 05/16/1951 M-36071,  Issuance of Patents Under the Recreation Act -- Discrimination in Land Use
10/01/1936 M-28614,  Patents -- Mineral Rights 06/25/1951 M-36084,  Scrip Applications for Submerged Coastal Lands
02/17/1939 Issuance of Deeds to Alaskan Natives 06/28/1972 Advisory Responsibilities of Land Use Planning Commission Under Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
09/05/1947 M-34758,  Validity of Patents Issued to Northern Cheyenne Indians 04/15/1974 Public Lands Under Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
10/08/1917 Stockbridge and Munsee Tribes -- Per Capita Payments 05/31/1949 M-36005,  Exchange of Navajo Reservation Lands for Public Lands
12/29/1921 Stockbridge -- Munsee -- Back Annuity Payments 08/14/1953 M-36183,  Exchange of Public Lands for Indian Allotments -- Taylor Grazing Act
05/31/1924 M-11879,  Distribution of Tribal Funds -- Chippewa 01/05/1954 M-36178,  State Exchanges -- Public Interest Classification -- Taylor Grazing Act
04/24/1925 M-14233,  Flathead -- Enrollment 03/04/1954 M-36178 (Supp.),  State Exchanges -- Public Interest Classifications -- Taylor Grazing Act
01/08/1927 M-15954,  Chippewa -- Back Annuity Claims       Restored to tribal ownership
11/20/1931 M-26395,  Final Rolls of the Crow Indian Tribe of Montana Prepared Under Act of June 4, 1920, (41 Stat. 751) 06/15/1938 M-29798, 56 I.D. 330,  Restoration to Tribal Ownership -- Ute Lands
09/12/1934 Disbursement of Funds 08/27/1938 Southern Utes -- Tribal Lands
01/22/1935 M-27759,  Per Capita Payment From Judgment 10/29/1952 M-36142,  Restoration to Tribal Ownership of Lands Included in a Reclamation Withdrawal
01/02/1940 Per Capita Payments to Klamath Tribe -- Question of Payments to Modocs Enrolled on Klamath Reservation       Withdrawal
02/01/1944 Flathead Reservation -- Per Capita Payments -- Use of Tribal Roll for Purposes of Distribution 02/12/1924 Mineral Leasing Act
05/02/1944 M-33615,  Distribution of Proceeds of Sale of Tacoma Hospital Site -- Estate of Payullap Indian 08/12/1942 M-30851,  Volstead Act of 1908 -- State Liens for Drainage Charges on Public and Indian Ceded Lands in Minnesota
06/05/1947 M-34956,  Per Capita Payment to Indians of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Tribes of Oklahoma 10/08/1947 M-35003,  Validity of Orders Temporarily Withdrawing Public Lands in Aid of Legislation for the Establishment of Indian Reservations
10/24/1951 Distribution of Per Capita Shares of Deceased Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians -- Payment of Costs 05/24/1949 M-35049,  Mining Locations on Colville Surplus Lands
11/14/1952 M-36146,  Per Capita Distributions Under Southern Ute Charter 05/16/1951 M-36078,  Proposed Withdrawal of Fort Spokane Military Reservation for Recreational Purposes
06/23/1955 M-36288,  Menominee Per Capita Payments 01/17/1955 M-36248,  Disposal of Public Lands -- Withdrawals and Reservations
10/30/1958 Per Capita Payment -- Crow Tribe 04/19/1955 M-36277,  Temporary Withdrawals in Aid of Legislation
06/20/1960 IRS Levy Against Per Capita Payments to Members of Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes PUBLIC LAW 280
11/21/1960 Collection of Delinquent Operation and Maintenance Assessments From Per Capita Payments 02/13/1961 Assumption of State Jurisdiction Under P.L. 280 -- Tribal Courts
01/08/1968 M-36741,  Restoration to Indian Tribes of Funds Held for Unclaimed Per Capita Payments Where Payment Checks Are Outstanding 09/15/1965 Authority of State to Regulate Use of Restricted Property Under P.L. 83-280
POLICE, INDIAN 12/03/1965 Whether State Can Rescind Duly Accepted Criminal and Civil Jurisdiction Under 67 Stat. 588 -- Quinault
03/16/1938 M-29669,  Authority of Officers in Indian Service 02/07/1969 M-36768,  Applicability of Health and Sanitation Laws of the State of California on Indian Reservations
08/01/1938 M-29669 (Supp.),  Authority of Officers of Indian Service 02/01/1971 M-36811,  Applicability of the Wholesome Meat Act of 1967 on Indian Reservations
04/27/1939 Law and Order -- Dual Sovereignty -- Powers of Indian Tribes and U.S. 12/21/1972 Application of Local Building Codes to Indian Trust Property
08/14/1941 M-31194,  Extradition of Indian Fugitives to Reservations Where Offense Was Committed PUEBLOS
PREFERENCE, INDIAN See also BUY INDIAN ACT 08/07/1929 M-25278, 52 L.D. 694,  Claims Within Indian Pueblos -- New Mexico
12/13/1938 Indian Employment Preference 02/20/1935 M-27512,  Irrigation Charges -- Pueblos Lands
02/02/1947 M-34814,  Indian Preference in Employment 03/11/1935 Right-of-Way Applications
02/01/1950 M-36017,  Labor Union Membership of Indians -- Employment Preference -- General Timber Sale Regulations 03/14/1935 Pueblo -- Awards to Non-Indian Claimants
06/04/1954 M-36205,  Appointment of Indians to Restrictive Positions -- Veteran's Preference Act of 1944 02/13/1937 M-28869, 56 I.D. 79,  Eligibility for Grazing Privileges
06/15/1955 M-36285,  Non-Discrimination by Government Contractors 04/23/1938 Pueblo Lands -- Taxability
08/24/1955 M-36297,  Indian Preference in Employment 05/14/1938 M-29797, 56 I.D. 308,  Taylor Grazing Act Licenses -- Pueblos
09/29/1955 M-36306,  Preference Right to Oil and Gas Leases on the Blackfeet Reservation 04/14/1939 Santa Clara Pueblo Land Assignment
PROBATE See DESCENT AND DISTRIBUTION; WILLS AND ESTATES 08/09/1939 M-29566,  Relation of Pueblos to Their Members, the Federal Government, the State, and Others
PUBLIC LANDS See also HOMESTEADS; SURPLUS LANDS 04/18/1941 Whether Pueblo With Fee Title is Considered Indian Country and Under Federal Criminal Jurisdiction
01/08/1936 M-28198,  Yuma Reservation -- Title to Lands

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