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Opinions of the Solicitor of the Department of the Interior Relating to Indian Affairs 1917-1974

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DAWES ACT See GENERAL ALLOTMENT ACT 08/26/1943 Power of the Secretary to Delegate Functions to the Heads of Bureaus
DEFINITIONS 07/18/1944 Osage of Less Than One-Half Blood -- White Wife and Kaw Mother -- Rights of Inheritance
      Allotment 10/24/1951 Distribution of Per Capita Shares of Deceased Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians -- Payment of Costs
07/17/1935 M-28086, 55 I.D. 295,  Allotment Selections -- Ft. Belknap 06/25/1953 Escheat -- Secretarial Authority in Matters of Inheritance
      Band 03/16/1956 M-36331,  Devolution of Yakima Indian Estates
12/03/1940 Claims -- North and South Dakota Indian Reservation -- Loss of Personal Property 12/19/1056 Regulations Regarding Probate of Indian Trust Property
02/24/1943 Alaska Natives Subject to Territorial School Tax 06/07/1957 Distribution of Estate of Full-Blood Cherokee
      Delegation 03/18/1958 Reopening of Indian Estate Under Departmental Regulations
06/15/1971 M-36803 (Supp.),  Tribal Direction of Federal Employees -- Explanation of Term "Delegation" 02/03/1959 M-36549,  Validity of Unapproved Side Agreements Between Indians and Lessees of Restricted Lands
      Headright       Determination of heirs
04/23/1936 M-28029,  Disposition of Osage Trust Funds 12/23/1924 M-13772,  Quapaw Tribe -- Heirship
     Identifiable group of Indians 01/23/1925 M-13807,  Creek -- Descent of Lands
03/17/1941 M-35029,  Indians of California as "Identifiable" Groups Within the Meaning of Indian Claims Commission Act 12/28/1926 M-20612,  Sioux Benefits
      Income 01/14/1927 M-20888,  Reopening Heirship Findings
01/24/1941 M-30604,  Proceeds From Investment of Restricted Funds -- Individual Entitlement 06/19/1928 M-24293,  Osage Property -- Inheritance
      Indian 04/12/1930 53 I.D. 78,  Custom Marriage and Divorce
01/04/1937 IRA -- Acquisition of Land 03/14/1934 M-27554, 54 I.D. 382,  Restrictions Applicable to Five Tribes
      Indian Country 08/17/1934 M-27776, 54 I.D. 584,  Devise of Restricted Lands
05/06/1937 M-29147, 56 I.D. 137,  Liquor Traffic -- Alaska 11/07/1934 M-27796,  IRA Interpretation Regarding Devisee Question -- Tribal Organization and Jurisdiction -- Definition of Tribes as Political Entity
09/28/1951 Fee Patent Land Within Reservation Boundaries -- Sale of Beer to Non-Indians 11/19/1935 Determination of Heirs by Courts of Indian Offenses
      Indians not taxed 03/18/1936 Navajo -- Determination of Heirs
11/07/1940 M-31039,  Method of Determining "Indians Not Taxed" 01/26/1937 M-27963,  Deceased Osage Allottee -- Inheritance
11/22/1940 M-31039 (Supp.),  Method of Determining "Indians Not Taxed" 08/14/1937 Sales -- Heirship Lands
      Intoxicating liquor 12/20/1937 Inheritance of Personalty -- Tribal Law
11/01/1922 M-8860,  Osage County -- Liquor Sales 12/28/1937 Descent of Unrestricted Property -- State Law
      Public property 09/20/1943 Whether White Widow or One-Half Kaw Mother May Inherit Estate of Osage of Less Than One-Half Osage Blood But More Than One-Half Indian Blood
04/21/1952 M-36128,  Property of Indian Tribe -- Federal Property and Administrative Services Act 04/17/1952 M-36127,  Authority of Secretary to Determine Heirs of Deceased Yakima Allottee
      Public purpose 05/28/1952 M-35089,  Issuance of Fee Patent for Allotment of Oz-ho-we-wush-co-be-nais,  Deceased White Earth Allottee No. 2308
01/02/1923 49 L.D. 396,  Condemnation of Lands Allotted in Severalty 07/19/1954 Propriety of Departmental Redetermination of Heirship
      Reservation 01/04/1955 Applicability of Alaskan Territorial Law to Natives Dying Testate or Intestate
07/01/1938 Indian School Land, Right-of-Way 01/04/1957 M-36426, 64 I.D. 17,  Distribution of Estate of Full-Blood Creek Indian -- Authority of Oklahoma State Court
07/09/1940 Whether or Not Lands Purchased by the U.S. for Indian Schools and Hospitals Constitute an "Indian Reservation" or "Indian Country" 02/20/1959 Interpretation of "Dependent Members" of Indian Family for Purposes of Distribution
08/24/1942 M-30582,  Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act -- Laws Governing Condemnation and Rights-of-Way Over Lands of Five Civilized Tribes 05/05/1972 Reimbursement of Ute Tribal Funds for Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Project
12/29/1945 Judicial and Departmental Construction of the Words "Indian Reservation" DIVORCE AND SEPARATION  See DOMESTIC RELATIONS
08/09/1939 M-29566,  Relation of Pueblos to Their Members, the Federal Government, the State, and Others 11/28/1923 M-11291,  Indian Custom Marriage
02/24/1943 Alaska Natives Subject to Territorial School Tax 06/16/1924 M-12198, 50 L.D. 551,  Intermarriage -- Enrollment of Children Born
DESCENT AND DISTRIBUTION See also WILLS AND ESTATES 04/12/1930 53 I.D. 78,  Custom Marriage and Divorce
01/20/1932 Restrictions on Inherited Personalty 09/03/1932 M-27185, 54 I.D. 39,  Custom Marriage -- Validity -- Alaska
09/21/1933 M-27540, 54 I.D. 297,  Inheritance -- Right to Benefits 05/27/1936 Law and Order Regulations
08/08/1934 Rosebud Sioux -- Cash Allotment Benefits 12/14/1937 Hopi -- Family Relations
10/25/1934 55 I.D. 14,  Powers of Indian Tribes 02/11/1939 Tribal Jurisdiction Over Divorce
12/17/1935 Navajo -- Distribution of Unallotted Property 10/14/1942 M-31237, 58 I.D. 149,  Illegitimate Indian Child -- Interest in Estates of Kindred of Father or Mother
04/23/1936 M-28029,  Disposition of Osage Trust Funds 03/19/1952 M-36123,  Enrollment in Menominee Tribe
10/07/1936 Navajo -- Probate 12/01/1955 M-36316,  Jurisdiction of Tribal Court and Colorado Juvenile Court for Determination of Custody of Dependent and Neglected Indian Child
06/04/1942 Authority of the Superintendent of the Osage Agency to Make Distribution of Osage Property in Accordance With Orders of the County Courts of Oklahoma 11/30/1967 M-36714, 74 I.D. 397,  Adoption of Indian Children in State Courts
10/14/1942 M-31237, 58 I.D. 149,  Illegitimate Indian Children -- Interest in Estates of Kindred of Father or Mother DUE PROCESS  See CIVIL RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES
06/14/1943 Conflict Between Heirs at Law and Devisee Under Will -- Applicability of Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief Act


EASEMENTS See RIGHTS-OF-WAY AND EASEMENTS 01/22/1935 M-27759,  Per Capita Payment From Judgment
08/01/1933 M-27514,  Payments of Tuition -- Sectarian Schools 04/24/1925 M-14233,  Flathead -- Enrollment
03/31/1936 M-28317,  Educational Loans to Indians       Ft. Belknap
05/02/1955 Authority of North Dakota to Furnish Services to Indian Residents 06/09/1922 M-7599,  Ft. Belknap -- Changes in Allotment Roll
EMPLOYMENT, INDIAN See also PREFERENCE, INDIAN 08/13/1932 M-26520,  Enrollment for Participation in Fund Distribution -- Ft. Hall
10/20/1936 Menominee -- State Workman's Compensation Act       Gros Ventre
02/01/1950 M-36017,  Labor Union Membership of Indians -- Employment Preference -- General Timber Sale Regulations 12/02/1936 Gros Ventre -- Enrollment
05/17/1941 Tribal Rolls for the Purpose of Distributing Tribal Funds, and for Allotment Purposes 05/20/1939 Question of Enrollment of Certain Indian by Birth Rather Than by Adoption
      Californian Indians       Menominee
07/08/1930 M-25999,  California Indians -- Enrollment 06/16/1024 M-12198, 50 L.D. 551,  Intermarriage -- Enrollment of Children Born
04/19/1933 California -- San Miguel -- Enrollment 01/10/1935 Menominee -- Enrollment -- Regulations
11/07/1951 M-36108,  Enrollment of the Indians of California 03/19/1952 M-36123, Enrollment of Menominee Tribe
      Chippewa       Oklahoma Delawares
06/17/1924 M-11380,  Chippewa -- Enrollment 03/18/1936 Delaware -- Appropriation for
08/08/1934 Chippewa Enrollment       Osage
12/13/1934 M-27381,  Fond du Lac Chippewas -- Enrollment 11/23/1921 M-6383,  Osage -- Payments to Minors
12/18/1934 Chippewa -- Enrollment       Potowatomi
05/14/1935 Red Lake Chippewa -- Enrollment 12/18/1937 Membership -- Tribal Power
12/26/1935 Chippewa -- Enrollment       Stockbridge and Munsee
03/15/1937 St. Croix Indians -- Enrollees of Dr. Wooster 10/08/1917 Stockbridge and Munsee Tribes -- Per Capita Payments, D-42071
      Colville Indians 12/29/1921 Stockbridge -- Munsee -- Back Annuity Payments,  D-42071 (Supp.)
04/16/1941 Enrollment as Members of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation of Persons Having Less Than Indian Blood ENVIRONMENT
      Crow 08/01/1967 M-36709,  Eligibility of Indian Tribes to Participate in Land and Water Conservation Fund Program
11/20/1931 M-26395,  Final Rolls of the Crow Indian Tribe of Montana Prepared Under Act of June 4, 1920, (41 Stat. 751) 03/25/1971 Alaska Native Claims Legislation: Compliance With National Environment Policy Act


FEDERAL POWER See also CRIMINAL PROCEDURE 06/04/1935 M-28033,  Seminole Nation Attorney's Contract
07/26/1933 M-27487,  Criminal Jurisdiction -- Whites in Indian Country 08/12/1935 M-28125,  Personnel Employment -- Indian Trusts
06/25/1936 Loan Agreement -- Indian Reorganization Act 04/16/1936 M-28309,  Five Civilized Tribes -- Attorney's Fee
07/08/1936 Flathead -- Taking Tribal Lands for Reservoir 05/19/1936 Five Tribes Timber Sales
10/01/1936 M-28614,  Patents -- Mineral Rights 02/05/1937 Five Civilized Tribes -- Trust Agreement
02/04/1938 Reservation -- State Sales Tax 04/08/1937 Estate of Jackson Barnett -- Claimants
10/04/1938 M-29961,  Rights-of-Way -- Eastern Cherokee 10/01/1941 Five Civilized Tribes -- Status of Freedmen -- Organization Under Oklahoma Welfare Act
11/28/1938 M-29999,  Menominee and Red Lake Reservations -- Wages and Hours 04/08/1946 Osage Estate Willed to Cherokee -- Applicability of Osage Restrictions to Five Tribes
06/01/1939 M-30146 (Supp.),  Canadian Indians Proposing Employment of Attorney to Prosecute Claims Against U.S. -- Question of Commissioner's Approval 07/05/1956 Distribution of Restricted Estates of Deceased Members of the Five Civilized Tribes Not Exceeding $500
08/09/1939 M-29566,  Relation of Pueblos to Their Members, the Federal Government, the State, and Others 08/29/1957 M-36471,  Authority of the Principal Chief of the Seminole Indian Nation and the General Council of the Seminole Nation Under Pertinent Acts of Congress
10/09/1940 M-30984,  Kiowa Indian Hospital -- Alcohol for Medicinal Purposes -- Power of Oklahoma to Require Permit 05/04/1971 Election of Principal Chief of Seminole Nation
01/05/1946 M-34262,  Authority for Taking Title in the Name of the United States in Trust for the Various Indian Pueblos       Enrollment
08/08/1946 M-34620,  Presidential Authority to Appoint Chief of Choctaw Nation 12/13/1923 M-10526,  Creek -- Enrollment -- Allotment
04/02/1947 M-34899,  Applicability of Oklahoma Community Property Act to Restricted Indian Property 01/22/1935 M-27759,  Per Capita Payment From Judgment
08/28/1947 M-34989,  Federal and State Authority Over Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians       Funds
FEDERAL SERVICES See also SOCIAL SECURITY 11/29/1922 M-8971,  Disbursement of Tribal Funds
11/17/1933 NIRA -- Public Works Project 11/11/1924 M-31861,  Five Civilized Tribes -- Oil Royalties
04/22/1936 Applicability of the Social Security Act to the Indians 10/20/1942 M-31897,  Authority of Superintendent for Five Civilized Tribes -- Disposition of Restricted Indian Moneys
07/15/1937 Soil Conservation Benefits -- Equal Treatment for Indians -- Agriculture Department Policy 06/05/1947 M-34956,  Per Capita Payment to Indians of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Tribes of Oklahoma
05/01/1941 Federal and State Laws -- Tribal Enterprises on Navajo Reservation 10/24/1951 Distribution of Per Capita Shares of Deceased Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians -- Payment of Costs
01/13/1942 Re the Memorandum of Understanding Between the State of South Carolina, the Catawba Indian Tribe, the U.S. Department of the Interior, and the Farm Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Agriculture 06/07/1957 Distribution of Estate of Full-Blood Cherokee
04/10/1942 Indian Employee of U.S. -- Purchase of Trust Land With Funds Borrowed From Tribal Loan Fund 10/29/1957 M-36482,  Authority of Seminole Tribe of Oklahoma to Borrow Money and Pledge Assets as Security for Loan From Revolving Fund
04/29/1947 M-34921,  Disposition of Surplus Property at Colorado River Relocation Center 12/28/1960 M-36608, 67 I.D. 452,  Status of U.S. Savings Bonds -- Estates of Deceased Choctaw Indian
11/20/1947 Surplus Government Property for Navajo Program       Lands
04/20/1949 M-35095,  Availability of Social Security Benefits to Indians 03/11/1921 M-2047,  Oklahoma Probate Courts -- Jurisdiction Over Inherited Interests of Minor and Incompetent Members of Five Civilized Tribes
10/19/1966 Funds Used by California Legal Services Program to Benefit Indians -- Not Chargeable to Indians 01/11/1922 M-2258,  Taxation of Restricted Allotments
      Eligibility of Indians for 11/13/1922 49 L.D. 348,  Taxability and Alienability -- Allotted Lands
08/06/1940 M-30807,  National Housing Act -- Eligibility of Indian Tribes 01/23/1925 M-13807,  Creek -- Descent of Lands
04/02/1956 Enrolled and Allotted Cheyenne River Sioux Living on Another Reservation -- Entitlement to Appropriated Rehabilitation and Relocation Funds 12/21/1926 M-18320,  State Tax on Allotments -- Osage
      Reclamation projects 12/24/1926 M-18772,  Title to Bed of Red River
05/31/1945 M-33902,  Excess Land Provisions of Federal Reclamation Law -- Coachella Valley County Water District Lands 08/02/1933 Five Tribes -- Removal of Restrictions
FEE PATENTS 03/14/1934 M-27554, 54 I.D. 382,  Restrictions Applicable to Five Tribes
03/29/1922 M-6882,  Cancellation of Fee -- Deceased Allottee 09/15/1934 Five Tribes -- Partition of Inherited Lands
01/28/1924 M-11410,  Flathead -- Power Site on Allotted land 10/25/1934 Chickasaw -- Lease Approval Procedure
08/27/1924 M-12509,  Restricted Fee and Trust Patents 01/30/1935 M-27814,  Land Title Status
12/28/1926 M-20612,  Sioux Benefits 09/21/1935 Five Tribes -- Land Partition
02/24/1928 M-22708, 52 L.D. 325,  Erroneously Issued Fee Patents -- Cancellation 08/07/1936 Five Tribes -- Agricultural and Grazing Leases
11/03/1931 M-26882,  Effect or Legality of a Fee Simple Patent Applied for Prior to But Issued Subsequent to Allottee's Death 09/17/1936 Five Tribes -- Rights-of-Way
02/18/1933 M-27343, 54 L.D. 160,  Authority to Cancel Patents -- Lien 01/13/1937 Five Civilized Tribes -- Leases
08/14/1934 Wheeler-Howard Act -- Fee Patent 05/15/1937 Sale of Railroad Rights-of-Way -- Question of Title in Seminole Nation, Oklahoma
02/17/1937 Soil Conservation Act 08/25/1937 Choctaw -- Chickasaw -- Rights-of-Way
02/03/1942 M-31476,  Purchase by U.S. Under 25 U.S.C. 372 of Heirship Lands -- Discussion of Inapplicability of IRA 05/14/1938 Five Civilized Tribes -- Leases
09/20/1945 Certificates of Competency -- Issuance to Non-Indian Heirs Not Required or Authorized 08/24/1942 M-30582,  Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act -- Laws Governing Condemnation and Rights-of-Way Over Lands of Five Civilized Tribes
12/03/1945 Forced Fee Patents -- Tax Liens 07/16/1956 Leasing of Restricted Lands Belonging to Indians of the Five Civilized Tribes for Farming and Grazing Purposes
09/28/1951 Fee Patent Land Within Reservation Boundaries -- Sale of Beer to Non-Indians 07/12/1957 M-36455, 64 I.D. 280,  Jurisdiction Over Property Belonging to a Five Tribes Indian's Estate
05/28/1952 M-35089,  Issuance of Fee Patent for Allotment of Oz-ho-we-wush-co-be-nais, Deceased White Earth Allottee No. 2308 11/29/1957 Five Civilized Tribes -- Jurisdiction Over Restricted Property
11/28/1952 M-36158,  Notations in Patents in Fee for Indian Lands of Existing Rights-of-Way       Mineral rights
      Issuance 12/11/1918 Five Civilized Tribes -- Coal Leases
07/14/1921 M-5379,  Fee Title -- Expiration of Trust Period 04/05/1922 M-7316,  Choctaw and Chickasaw -- Coal Lands
07/29/1921 M-4018,  Right to Citizenship 05/28/1924 M-7316,  Choctaw and Chickasaw -- Coal Royalties
12/22/1933 M-27645,  Rosebud Fee Patent Issuance 11/08/1924 M-13807,  Oil Royalties From Allotted Lands
09/10/1938 Restricted Land -- Inheritance by Whites 11/11/1924 M-31861,  Five Civilized Tribes -- Oil Royalties
11/04/1946 Issuance of Fee Patent to Winnebago Indian and Transfer of Inherited Interests 10/17/1927 M-23422,  Seminole -- oil and Mineral Royalties
06/07/1950 M-36003,  Extent of Secretarial Authority to Issue Patent in Fee -- Indian Reorganization Act 11/19/1928 M-24735,  Segregated Coal and Asphalt Lands
02/15/1954 M-36184,  Issuance of Fee Patent -- Legal and Jurisdictional Ramifications 07/20/1931 M-26583, 53 I.D. 412,  Distribution of Royalties -- Deceased Creek
02/11/1955 M-36267,  Fee Patents -- Fort Peck 04/19/1934 M-27654,  Five Tribes -- Question of Expiration of Gas Lease and of Holding Over by Lease
      Taxation 06/04/1935 Five Tribes -- Oil Leasing Regulations
10/08/1924 M-12746,  Quapaw -- Federal income Tax 08/13/1948 M-35064,  Administration, Lease and Sale of Choctaw and Chickasaw Coal and Asphalt Lands
11/06/1926 M-20183, 51 L.D. 613,  Assessment Charges on Irrigation projects       Taxation
06/30/1930 M-25930, 53 L.D. 133,  taxation of Allotments -- Period -- Expiration 03/03/1930 M-25737, 53 I.D. 48,  Taxability of Cherokee Lands
FISHING See HUNTING AND FISHING 09/04/1931 M-26673, 53 I.D. 471,  Tax Exempt Selections -- Five Civilized Tribes
FIVE CIVILIZED TRIBES 09/22/1931 M-26672, 53 I.D. 502,  Taxation of Mineral production -- Five Tribes
10/31/1917 Five Civilized Tribes -- Eminent Domain, D-40462 02/26/1932 53 I.D. 606,  Taxation of Income From Mineral Production From Restricted Lands of Members of Five Civilized Tribes
03/03/1921 M-2655,  Five Civilized Tribes -- Control of Restricted Funds After Sale of Restricted Lands 08/05/1932 M-27158,  Five Tribes -- Land Conveyance -- Taxation
06/04/1921 M-4017,  Osage -- Payment to Guardians of Minors and Incompetent Adults 09/20/1935 Cherokee -- Distribution of Oil Royalties
08/02/1922 M-7996,  Jurisdiction of State Probate Courts 05/01/1936 Five Tribes -- Federal Income and State Taxes
04/12/1927 M-22121,  Unlawful Timber Cutting -- Choctaw 12/21/1936 Lands Bought With Restricted Funds -- Tax
08/11/1930 M-26067, 53 I.D. 157,  Restrictions Upon Lands and Funds -- Five Tribes 11/29/1937 Restricted Property -- Taxation
12/09/1932 M-27882, 54 L.D. 109,  Retirement -- Service Credit -- Five Tribes Schools 12/23/1940 M-30898,  Attorney Contract Re Federal Tax Assessment Against Restricted Five Tribes
10/14/1933 M-27596, 54 I.D. 310,  Trust for Five Civilized Tribes -- Restrictions on Life Insurance Policies

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