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Opinions of the Solicitor of the Department of the Interior Relating to Indian Affairs 1917-1974

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VOTING See also TRIBAL GOVERNMENT 06/08/1956 M-36346,  Blackfeet Tribal Constitution -- Eligibility of Voters
10/25/1934 55 I.D. 14,  Powers of Indian Tribes 06/20/1956 M-36350,  63  I.D. 188, Proposed Election -- Amendment to Tribal Constitution
08/13/1937 Suffrage -- Discrimination Against Indians 06/22/1956 Right to Vote by Absentee Ballot in Tribal Elections -- Salaries of Tribal Officials
01/26/1938 M-29596,  Right of Franchise -- State Law 11/09/1971 M-36840,  The Eighteen-Year-Old Vote Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as Applied to Tribes 
WARDSHIP 01/22/1935 M-27843,  Settlement of Estate
02/24/1932 M-26915,  53 I.D. 593, Status of Alaska Natives 04/08/1937 Estate of Jackson Barnett -- Claimants
08/04/1932 M-27145,  Land Purchase -- Pueblo Indians 08/30/1938 Probate of Restricted Personalty
06/05/1933 54 I.D. 218,  Taxability of Electric Power Generated on Menominee Reservation 06/14/1943 Conflict Between Heirs at Law and Devisee Under Will -- Applicability of Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief Act
07/22/1933 M-27369, 54 I.D. 260,  Investment of Osage Funds 04/05/1944 M-33597,  Statutory Construction -- Osage Indians -- Decedent's Estate
03/25/1936 Kiowa Crop Mortgages 05/02/1944 M-33615,  Distribution of Proceeds of Sale of Tacoma Hospital Site -- Estate of Puyallup Indian
04/22/1936 Applicability of the Social Security Act to the Indians 09/06/1945 M-33564,  Osage Headrights -- Non-Resident Decedent -- Ancillary Administration
05/14/1938 M-29797, 56 I.D. 308,  Taylor Grazing Act Licenses -- Pueblos 11/12/1946 Inheritance -- Distribution of Estate
10/04/1938 M-29961,  Rights-of-Way -- Eastern Cherokee 02/13/1947 M-34857,  Approval of Will of Deceased Osage Indian
WATER RIGHTS See also IRRIGATION AND RECLAMATION 07/26/1950 M-36037,  Duties of Hearing Examiners in Examination of Inheritances -- Administrative Procedure Act
05/12/1925 M-15849,  Extent of Indian Water Rights 12/18/1953 M-36186,  Probate of Estates of Canadian Indians
02/16/1927 M-10068,  Spokane Reservation -- Water Rights 01/04/1955 Applicability of Alaskan Territorial Law to Natives Dyin Testate or Intestate
06/07/1929 M-25214,  Confederated Yakimas -- Water Rights 04/30/1956 Probate and Administration of Estate of Deceased Indians in State Courts Under Klamath Termination Act -- Question of Limitations
07/03/1930 M-26034,  Power of Secretary -- Water Charges 07/05/1956 Distribution of Restricted Estates of Deceased Members of the Five Civilized Tribes Not Exceeding $500
03/18/1931 53 I.D. 328,  Division of Waters of Ahtanum Creek,  Washington, Between Yakima Indians and White Landowners 12/23/1957 Deceased Kickapoo of Mexican Nationality Whose Estate Consists of an Interest in an Oklahoma Restricted Allotment
07/25/1932 M-27124,  Irrigation -- Non-Consenters -- Entitlement to Deferred Charges 04/11/1960 Probate of Restricted Funds in State Courts
02/19/1933 San Carlos -- Priority in Water Rights 05/31/1963 Authority of Secretary to Probate Estate of Deceased Peoria Indian After Passage of Peoria Termination Act of 1956
04/19/1937 M-28978, 56 I.D. 110,  Reservation of Waters -- Alaska 05/08/1969 Jurisdiction of South Dakota Over Certain Personal Property in Estate of Yankton Sioux Indian
06/02/1937 M-29232,  Land and Water Right Exchanges -- California       Approval of wills
08/16/1949 M-36012,  use of Coastal Waters Contiguous to Indian Reservation in Alaska 08/25/1933 Osage Allotments -- Secretarial Authority in Approval of Wills
09/10/1953 M-36164,  Applicability to Indian Lands of Arizona Law Regulating Withdrawal of Ground Water 01/17/1935 Chippewa -- Approval of Will
10/25/1954 Water Rights on Flathead Reservation 11/29/1939 Osage -- Discretionary Power of Secretary in Will Approval
08/19/1955 M-36289,  Water Rights for Indian Allotments on Ceded Lands and Public Domain 03/03/1941 Approval of Will Written in the Sioux Language and Not Formally Witnessed
03/16/1956 M-36334,  Water Rights of Bishop, Big Pine and Long Pine Reservation, California 02/11/1944 M-33441,  Presidential Approval of Allottee's Will -- Removal of Restrictions Against Alienation of Land
03/14/1958 Water Rights of Non-Indian Purchasers of Klamath Indian Reservation Lands 05/26/1953 M-36166,  Will Approval -- Undue Influence -- Osage
08/15/1958 Water Rights on Yakima Reservation       Claims
11/14/1960 Water Rights -- Uintah and Ouray Reservation -- Interest of U.S. 02/06/1951 M-36066,  Farmers Home Administration Claim and Whether Claims of U.S. are Subject to Limitations
02/01/1964 Water Rights in Case of Non-Agricultural Lease -- Colorado River Reservation 06/02/1952 M-36121,  State Social Security Claims Against Restricted Indian Estates
05/10/1965 U.S. Reservation of Water Rights for Indians and Entitlement to Benefit From Easements for Proposed Irrigation Pipeline -- Lower Brule Sioux       Devise of restricted land
12/10/1969 M-36799, 76 I.D. 357,  Upper Colorado River Basin -- Restriction on Use of Upper Basin Water in Arizona 10/29/1921 M-6083,  Devise of Indian Land
01/21/1971 Use of Colorado River Water on Lands Determined to be Within the Colorado River Indian Reservation 11/22/1921 M-5805,  Crow -- Additional Allotments -- Disposition
08/09/1972 Irrigation and Reclamation 09/30/1922 Osage -- Restricted Property -- Rights
WILLS & ESTATES See also DESCENT AND DISTRIBUTION 06/20/1940 Re Claims of the Farm Security Administration Against the Estates of Deceased Indian Borrowers
08/05/1934 M-27700, 54 I.D. 555,  Alienation of Chippewa Allotted Land 01/13/1958 M-36495,  Devolution of Real Property -- Interpretation of Yakima Act of August 9, 1946
10/25/1934 55 I.D. 14,  Powers of Indian Tribes 06/05/1959 Question of Authority of Department to Probate Estate Devised to Canadian National

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