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This Project is a cooperative effort among the University of Oklahoma Law Center  and the National Indian Law Library (NILL), and Native American tribes providing access to the Constitutions, Tribal Codes, and other legal documents. Project Coordinators are David Selden (NILL) and Marilyn Nicely (OU).

Tribal constitutions and codes are the heart of self-government for over 500 federally recognized tribes, and are the lifeblood of Indian sovereignty. The University of Oklahoma Law Center Library and the National Indian Law Library work with tribes whose government documents appear on this web site; these tribal documents are either placed online with the permission of the tribes, or they are U.S. Government documents, rightfully in the public domain.

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DISCLAIMER: The on-line versions of tribal codes, constitutions, and legal information which appear here are provided for your convenience for scholarship and informational purposes only. The official versions of any tribal code or constitution may be obtained by contacting the tribe directly or by contacting the National Indian Law Library:

National Indian Law Library
1522 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: (303) 447-8760

Other publications or documents are likewise made available for scholarship and informational purposes only.  Source documents must still be used for authority.

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