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Many people on the Tanana Chiefs staff and others outside the organization have contributed to this handbook by reading, editing, and advising on the material presented. I would especially like to thanks Mark Andrews, TCC legal Dept for his comments and editing, Sue Hollingsworth, TCC Tribal Court Facilitator for her comments and sharing of views. I would also like to thank some past employees of Tanana Chiefs who were invaluable to the development of tribal courts in the region: Mike Walleri, General Council for TCC for 20 years, William Walters, past Tribal Court Facilitator, and Alicemary Closuit, TCC legal department....and to Judge Dave Raasch for encouragement and practical advise. Thank you Matt Spickelmier for the wonderful reproduction of this handbook. And to many, many others for ongoing inspiration.

Many Thanks to All!! Lisa

Curated by:
Marilyn K. Nicely, Retired Law Librarian: mnicely@ou.edu